The joy of sharing

The peace and joy that we experience in meditation, the way it has transformed every aspect of our lives – these are the precious things the heart longs to share with others. While daily practice of meditation is of primary importance, imparting it to others is both a science and an art. The Ananda Raja Yoga School is dedicated to impassioned meditators who want to become proficient and inspiring meditation teachers. The techniques themselves are not difficult to explain and in fact are widely available in written materials. Communicating them in an authentic and inspiring way can best be learned from experienced and inspiring teachers. The Ananda Raja Yoga School brings together enthusiastic meditators with inspiring teachers so that the joy of inner peace can spread around the world.

A comprehensive training program

During this extensive training program you will learn how to teach the timeless truths of Sanaatan Dharma – taught by the great master, Paramhansa Yogananda, as the Science of Self-realization – in ways that fulfill the needs of our times. The curriculum includes historic background, philosophical foundations, exploration of deeper dimensions of meditation and energy recharging, and practical tools, protocols and communication approaches for presenting the techniques to a variety of audiences.


The tradition followed in the School is based in Sanaatan Dharma, “the eternal wisdom” of ancient India, the foundation on which all true spiritual paths and religions are based.



The Science of Self-realization teaches us to harmonize our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual natures, accelerating our evolution and bringing greater fulfillment to our lives.


The curriculum gives you the knowledge you need to be a good teacher, group practices that give you deeper experiences of the techniques, and step-by-step guidance for presenting the practices in an inspiring and engaging manner.



You become part of the Raja Yoga family of teachers with whom you grow together in greater understanding and mutual support, friendships that last a lifetime.

Always remember, nothing can touch you if you are inwardly calm. You must learn to stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.

– Paramhansa Yogananda


Nayaswami Shivani
Co-founder of the Yogananda Academy of Europe and founder of the Schools of Raja Yoga and Life Therapy

Darshan Lotichius
Teacher of the Raja Yoga School

Arudra Antonijo Slisko
Teacher of the Raja Yoga School

Nayaswami Bhajana
Teacher of the Raja Yoga School

Jayadev Jaerschky
Director of Ananda Yoga School Yoga 


I am grateful to God for having given me this opportunity that has opened my mind and has expanded my consciousness on this Raja Yoga path toward growth.

— Lucilla di Somma

Training programs for Meditation and Raja Yoga instructors  

Based on the teachings of sage Patanjali, Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, this training program gives primary emphasis on deepening your practice of meditation and energization, through guided group sessions. You will learn how to present these techniques in an effective way, and also gain a solid foundation in the philosophy of the science of Raja Yoga, the “royal path” that comprises Patanjali’s eightfold path and unites the major path of you Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion); Karma Yoga (the yoga of right action); Gyana Yoga (the way of discrimination) – through the practices of meditation.

How to participate in the courses

The courses are offered only online:

✓ ONLINE: you can follow the lessons and the practices live in the morning and in the afternoon; you can see the recorded lessons during the day at the time which suits you best. You must read the manual for each course before the lessons begin.

How the school is structured

The curriculum includes two levels of study:

Level 1: Ananda Meditation Instructor (300 hours)
Level 2: Ananda Raja Yoga Instructor (300 hours)

View below to see the complete description of the courses and the necessary requirements:

LEVEL 1: Ananda Meditation Instructor (300 hours)

LEVEL 2: Ananda Raja Yoga Instructor
(300 hours)


Here you will find the complete calendar of all training courses, both online and residential at the Ananda Assisi Center

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Become a Raja Yoga teacher

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